Service Uptime Page

This page provides you the live uptime statistics of our main shared services servers (not customer servers). Please note that maintenance is INCLUDED in the provided total uptime. This page can be used to see the current status of the server and is a LIVE overview.

Want to monitor your own site?

Service Monitoring is a very important yet forgotten task, even though all hosting providers try to offer you a 100% uptime it is not always possible due to many factors, from hardware to network issues but also content issues which can cause your site to load slow or not at all. Now you can monitor your SLA with our service monitor tools.

If your server is shown down in the below uptime statistics we already are working on the issue, we have been automatically notified of issues reported below. 

Shared SSD Hosting

Our shared hosting platform is a good start for your website. As 040hosting offers a wide range of services from small to large setups we can always assist.

Reseller SSD Hosting

You are a Webdesigner which wants to offer stable hosting to your clients. Or want to start your own webhosting company but do not (yet) have the technical skills.

Elastic Sites SSD Hosting

The alternative to a VPS that offers more resources and fewer headaches. Fully managed and easy to upgrade to larger configurations.

Dedicated Servers

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated servers. 040Hosting has a wide range of dedicated servers available and ready to go for your projects.